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When you think of guitar lessons in terms, you probably think of things you’ve heard on TV or in movies — “shredding” being a main one. But before you can “shred”, you have to “strum” and understand the basic terms as a beginner. These are just some of the guitar terms you should familiarize yourself with.

The Parts:

Neck This is the long wooden piece that extends from the guitar and connects the body to the headstock.

This is where the guitar tuner pegs are located.

Tuner Pegs
These are the pegs used to tune your guitar. Each peg is connected to a string and twisting the peg a certain way changes the string’s pitch.

This is where frets are along the neck of the guitar and where you will finger notes.

These are the strips of metal along the fretboard. Each bar signifies a different note.

This is the wooden or metal piece toward the bottom of the body that holds the strings in place.
The Moves:

To slide means you play a note then move the note up or down the fretboard.

When you “bend” a note, you move your finger forward or backward while firmly pressing down on the guitar string to increase the pitch.

This is when your use your fingers or a pick to pluck specific notes on the guitar.

Palm Mute
Place your palm of your strumming hand over the bridge and pick a note to considerably shorten how long the note sustains.

The Accessories:

Either electric or acoustic, this helps you make sure each string is in the proper tune.

This attaches to frets on the neck and changes the key of that tone when played.

This is a plastic triangle that helps you pluck the guitar strings.

Guitar Lessons Atlanta

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